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Punnet Boxes are an elegant solution to storage. Made to last in storage, in conjunction with our Smart Pak punnets, makes long term storage of your produce a reality.

  • Food Grade Virgin Material

  • Flat Packed

  • Water / Moisture Resistant

  • 100% Recyclable

  • Colour : White only

  • Logo / Print NOT available


Growers may supply punnets with lids in both open and/or closed state, regardless of how you choose to sell this packaging it will still class as variable weight.

Punnets are supplied as a 3 cavity interconnecting system which allows faster packing and a more cost effective solution. The grower may or may not choose to separate before packing.

Each package has a generic label with a Tracking Identification Number which holds all grower information in an online data base and can be found at the address below.

Note: PLU Codes not on current stock.

Dimensions of punnets and box can be found on the image the left. Clicking the image opens a bigger image. If you want you can download a pdf, you can find it here.